January 9th, 2016

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onehundred and one

Dear Purim Gifts Author,

First off, hello ♥! You have no idea how excited I am to be getting to know you in the near future. Secondly, I want to thank you for whatever you decide to write me! I'm sure, no matter what, I'll love it. Most importantly, I would like you to know that, if you write something for me,I hope it's something you're absolutely comfortable with writing, and that you enjoyed writing it. Down below you'll find a list of things I absolutely enjoy in most of my stories, and then a breakdown of things for the fandoms I requested.


So, in general, I'm okay with angst, but I don't like an entire story to be 100% angsty. If anything, I would love it if the angst came from a scenario that is out of the main character's control, and they're trying to deal with it. But like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of angst, and I definitely perfer happier, fluffier stories. But, well, if there's an equal amount of angst/fluff in any story, I'll probably like it loads. When it comes to kinks, if you're into that, I'm pretty much into anything as long as it doesn't involve bodily fluids (other than blood). Want to write mpreg? Go for it. Want to write spanking? The only thing I wouldn't really read would be threesomes/moresomes, reading stories about a transgendered character (So a male transgendering into a female or a female transgendering into a male) or a kink that includes men wearing female clothing. So, I think that's all for general things, let's go under the cut to find out about my fandom things :D


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I know you're s'pose to give me 3 things, so if you want to have one story for each idea, even if they're short, I'm fine with that. Or, if you want one idea spread over three stories, I'm fine with that too. Whatever your whims desire, I'm good with :)