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Dear Chocolate Box Author,

First of all, hello ♥! You have no idea how excited I am to be getting to know you in the near future. Iwaant to thank you in advance for creating my wonderful, lovely gift in advanced. I'm sure, no matter what, I'll love it. Most importantly, I would like you to know that, if you write something for me,I hope it's something you're absolutely comfortable with writing, and that you enjoyed writing it. Down below you'll find a list of things I absolutely enjoy in most of my stories, and then a breakdown of things for my top five fandoms. I hope this helped you. If, by some odd chance, you were assigned a fandom for me not listed below, don't be afraid to comment anonymously on this post or on my tumblr, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


So, in general, I don't mind angst, but what I really tend to love are happy endings. If I'm being completely honest, I actually only prefer reading angst if I'm in an angsty mood. I usually tend to enjoy reading 'fluff' pieces, or pieces with low-medium amounts of angst that end up all happy and such. That being said, I don't mind a litlte angst in my stories, if that's where you're taken. I'd just prefer not to have everything flat-out, only angst that makes you want to curl up under your blanket and cry, y'know? As for kinks - I tend to be pretty good with kinks, no lie. I especially love MPreg, if it's the right person, and all that sort of stuff. Essentially? 100% angst isn't fun for me, but angst included is fine.


Nashville (2012):

For the longest time, my OTP in this show was Deacon/Juliette but then Avery/Juliette happened and I kind of fell in love, to be honest. Having just marathoned the television show, I can say that I would absolutely love you if you did a piece that was Juliette's attempt at becoming a better person during/after her stint in rehab and such. You have no idea how saddened I was when watching the rest of season four to learn that there was not much included about Juliette. I would, essentially, love it if you have her actually maturing and growing into the wonderful person I know she could be. Especially if you include her friendships with Emily, Glenn and Maddie somehow. Maybe an inclusion of Avery, Gunnar, Willand Emily watching tv when news comes out with Juliette doing an interview where these changes are notable and she has a new album out that she's not touring for, that shows her regret and love for her daughter/Avery?

I would also love if you wrote something that was a 'rooftop' au where, while Jeff did not die, Juliette did jump and somehow lived. And then there's papparazzi, and things get out of hand, etc.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Right, I'm super picky about anything in this fandom specifically, andfor that, I apologize. Now, Roman/Seth is my absolute OTP in this fandom, other than Trips/Stephanie. But, Roman/Seth, YES PLEASE. Now, I only prefer Roman/Seth, have since the FCW days. If there's ever any Dean/Roman or Dean/Seth or a combination of the three, I probably won't read it, so please make sure that there's no Roman/Dean, Dean/Seth or Roman/Dean/Seth. Other than that.... I prefer Roman being the top in this relationship, and if you go the ,mpreg route, Seth being the bottom/getting pregnant. I absolutely love stories where they work through the 'selling out' storyline and trying to continue their relationship throughout that. Or, I guess, anything that's the beginning of their relationship. I just love them, okay? If you ever need any ideas, you can go to my old tumblr's Roman/Seth page here, my new one here, or my stories, here.

With these two, I absolutely love angst, maybe Seth feeling insecure with his relationship after the selling out storyline and the WWE pushing Roman and Dean's 'brotherhood' together. But I also love the fluff that could come about, to be honest. I'll probably be fine with anything, really.

Once upon a Time

I absolutely love Emma/Captain Hook. The moment these two interacted, I fucking knew they were the endgame, and I was invested in their relationship from that moment on. I especially love stories where Killian was with the town when the original curse occurred, or where he met Emma beforehand and fell in love with her, and told her everything he could. I'm not the biggest fan of angst in this, since the show does so well with it, to be honest. I'm also not the biggest fan of August or Neal, so an overabundance of these two characters might make me squeemish.

I wish I could say more on this topic, but I can't. I s'pose, if you want to get inspired, you can always look here, but it might just be a reiteration of things I've already mentioned.

Teen Wolf

Alright, Derek/Stiles is my OTP of all OTP's, to be honest. I absolutely enjoy stories where Derek is the top and Stiles is the bottom, especially in regards to mpreg stories. Not only that,but these two characters -- man, I truly believe Jeff Davis could have done so much with them, if only he got his head out of his ass. Anyways, for things that would be amazing, you can always check out this link :)

Anyways, I would love a season four AU. Something where there was no Malia or Braeden, to be honest, because those characters make honest to god, no fucking sense. Nothing with fronttemporal dementia, since anyone wo did their research would know the youngest it could possibly effect someone is at the age of twenty, not fucking seventeen/eighteen. And even then, it is rare for anyone under forty to show signs of it. So yes, a season four au with Stiles actually deal with the falling out of the nogitsune would be awesome, especially if Allison never died in it.

The Flash

I'm a huge fan of Barry/Caitlin. Not so much Barry/Iris, simply because they grew up together at an important age where if feelings would be involve, it would be more-so incestual than anything else. Anyways. Barry/Caitlin would be wonderful. I'm usually fine with anything though. I haven't watched season two, admittedly, but I'm fine with being spoiled.


IF, for some odd reasons, you got another fandom assigned, here you go: Supernatural, The Librarians, The Mummy Series, Divergent Series, Wizards of Waverly Place.

For The Librarians and The Divergent Series, don't be afraid to ask me on anonymous here, or on my tumblr, here.
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