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Dear Purim Gifts Author,

First off, hello ♥! You have no idea how excited I am to be getting to know you in the near future. Secondly, I want to thank you for whatever you decide to write me! I'm sure, no matter what, I'll love it. Most importantly, I would like you to know that, if you write something for me,I hope it's something you're absolutely comfortable with writing, and that you enjoyed writing it. Down below you'll find a list of things I absolutely enjoy in most of my stories, and then a breakdown of things for the fandoms I requested.


So, in general, I'm okay with angst, but I don't like an entire story to be 100% angsty. If anything, I would love it if the angst came from a scenario that is out of the main character's control, and they're trying to deal with it. But like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of angst, and I definitely perfer happier, fluffier stories. But, well, if there's an equal amount of angst/fluff in any story, I'll probably like it loads. When it comes to kinks, if you're into that, I'm pretty much into anything as long as it doesn't involve bodily fluids (other than blood). Want to write mpreg? Go for it. Want to write spanking? The only thing I wouldn't really read would be threesomes/moresomes, reading stories about a transgendered character (So a male transgendering into a female or a female transgendering into a male) or a kink that includes men wearing female clothing. So, I think that's all for general things, let's go under the cut to find out about my fandom things :D


→SKY HIGH (2005)
So, I would really love something about Warren/Will together, if you pick this fandom. They're my OTP in this, and I absolutely love reading stories that involve these two. If you do other pairings for them, I'd prefer them not to be a huge factor in the story. If you can even include the ensemble cast (Layla, Magenta, Zack, Ethan) that would be absolutely wonderful. I'm fine with either AU's where they were together at the beginning of the movie, or AU's where instead of getting together with Layla, he got with Warren. I'm also fine with Post-Sky High stories where they get together, or even stories where they're already established for some reason. A few ideas might be Warren's dad breaking out of prison, everyone underestimating Will's 'goodness' after a certain amount of years and Warren being the only one to calm him down, Warren and Will being soulbonded, a five-things story where they get together, a five-things story describing the major points in their relationship (realizing feelings, getting together, first fight, getting engaged/married, having kids), Will's dad not trusting Warren and Warren proving himself. If you have any other ideas, go for it! As for -ahem- sexual related things, I prefer Warren being the top.

  →SPEED RACER (2008)
Right, this might squick you, but I do love Speed/Racer X (Rex) together, even though they're technically brothers. Of course, you don't have to write anything sexual between the two of them if you want to, but I'd much prefer a story that focuses on the two of them and their relationship, whether it be brotherly or more. Despite the fact that I love them together, I don't always enjoy reading sexual things between the two of them, so if you prefer brotherly, or even incestually, I won't mind if you keep it low on the actual sexual acts being written...in fact, I think the most I can do is a few kisses and then a light tease into sex? But even then, I've been known to read the whole shebang with these two, so it's up to your discretion. And if you can include Speed's family and Trixie, that'd be awesome. A few ideas might be Speed finding out RacEr X lied to him when he showed him his face, Speed signing with Royalton and basically going through the same thing Rex did, RacEr X having to live with his family after the movie because Royalton escaped jail and Speed's in danger, and anything else you can think of would be swell.

Right, I'm putting these two together because I'd basically want the same thing from them. And because they're the Power Rangers, they're supposed to go together. So, like any normal Power Rangers fan (I am sorry in advanced if this offends, aha) I only ship Tommy/Kimberly. I tend to hate \The Letter/ and I don't like Kat too much (yes, I see her as a Kim replacement) but hey, I can stand her in my fanfictions, y'know? I just don't like reading her with Tommy. Oops? Pretty sure that's everyone's point of view, though. I'm also not a fan of the Kim/Anyone pairings, to be honest, especially with other rangers. My bad, again? Who knows. Anyways! A few ideas might be Kim and Tommy both getting letters, Tommy going to Kim after the letter, T/K talking after Murianthas happened, Kim somehow ending up in Reefside during Tommy's Black Ranger days, T/K somehow got together before his Reefside days. Honestly, you could go anywhere, really. Anything you think of would be swell. You can include the ensemble cast, including past/current rangers. The only thing I ask is that you keep true to Hayley being a lesbian and can I ask you to have Trini alive? It'd be marvelous of you :D

Honestly, I'm good with anything here. I absolutely adore Gomez/Morticia and their family's weirdness resonates with me because yeah, I'm just as weird. And I absolutely adore the family dynamics, so I would love that to be included, no lie. And hey, I also love a crossover with Teen Wolf, so if you have any knowledge of that, and want to have Stiles be included in that family, go for it ;) [But since I didn't include TW in my requests form, you don't have to include it]. Unfortunately, I have no ideas for you, so, this one is all on you if you go for it :D

  →CLUELESS (1995)
Oh man, this movie is the absolute best. I definitely prefer Josh/Cher, maybe post movie. There's not too many things I could really say for this one. A few ideas may be Cher growing up, maturing a bit more [since she was fifteen in the film], going through college. Big moments in the relationship. The two of them parting ways for some reason and finding their way back together in the future, somehow. I'll be fine with anything, though.

Right, I'm super picky about this. I would prefer the following ships, if you go that route: Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins, Triple H/Stephanie McMahon, Dean Ambrose/Renee Young and I s'pose, Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella. I also love Seth Rollins/Brie Bella as friends, if you'd love to include that. When it comes to these ships, they're truly my otp's. I don't like reading stories with them with anyone else, or in any threesomes/moresomes. Hell, I usually won't read such stories. A few ideas might be Roman/Seth after Seth's injury, and the fall out, Roman/Seth's relationship in general, to be honest. Roman/Seth getting together in their FCW days and their relationship onwards. Trips/Stephanie and dealing with Chyna's absurd tweets/stories as of late, Trips/Stephanie outside of WWE related things, maybe at home, relaxing. Trips/Steph and their relationship while Trips was injured in 2001/2. Dean/Renee, I'm pretty much fine with anything. More of the recent going ons would be lovely though, like her moving to Vegas, them possibly moving into a new home, Dean helping Renee out with her insecurities because of the internet, etc. As for Bryan/Brie, they're pretty much my least favorite, but maybe Brie finding out she's pregnant or something?

So, I've only read the first two books, and I've seen both movies. That being said, I'm not really into ships in this fandom, so general stories would be nice. I would especially love if you could somehow include both Percy and Poseidon bonding with one another throughout, since I love them.

  → GLEE (2009)
Right. I'm a huge fan of Puck/Rachel together, and I absolutely love Rachel/Quinn/Santina/Brittany friendship, so these would be marvelous if they're included. A few ideas might be Puck/Rachel in college or post college together, the girls having a movie night with one another after Rachel gets bullied, Other then that, I'm fine with anything you manage to come upwith :)

  →GREY'S ANATOMY (2005)
Right, I absolutely love Mark/Meredith and am not the biggest fan of Derek/Meredith. So, if you can incorporate that, awesome. If you can somehow incorporate current seasons too without Mark dying, even more awesome. A few ideas might be M/M knowing each other from a long time ago, M/M hooking up during the whole season three fiasco and staying together, M/M in the current timeline. I'm fine with anything, to be honest.

So, I love Michael/Mia but I'm good with general stories too. I would love it if maybe things happened more in depth with Mia - more mature, you know? I just found that Miss Cabot hinted at a lot of things [ie; a possible rape in the book series] but nothing ever went that far because of who her readers were and stuff, so yeah. If you don't want anything like tha,t I'm fine, too, with general things.

So, I love Hansel/Gretel together. No Gretel/Ben or Hansel/Other persons, please as main things. Maybe they continue hunting witches as a group or something, I don't know. I'm fine with general and no ships.

I love Deacon/Juliette and Avery/Juliette the most but I'm fine with all ships that aren't slash/femslash. As long as it focuses on Juliette somehow, I'll be super happy. I would especially love it if it shows Juliette post-rehab and post-hospital, shows her matured and things.

Knave/Alice is my OTP here. If not them, general stories would be lovely

Brooke/Lucas is my OTP here too. If not them, general stories would be lovely.

I know you're s'pose to give me 3 things, so if you want to have one story for each idea, even if they're short, I'm fine with that. Or, if you want one idea spread over three stories, I'm fine with that too. Whatever your whims desire, I'm good with :)
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