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For People Gifting Me Things! (I Love You Already♥)

I made this post for two reasons. The first reason is the main reason -- so that I could have a public post that listed all of my fandoms, their ships, favorite characters and tropes in one spot for any anonymous gift exchanges I participate in. The second reason is the non-fandom related reason. I'm involved in a lot of land communities. Because of this, there's a lot of gifting involved of sig tags, icons, and other graphics. I don't have the best memory though, so I need something to link to. If you're here for an anonymous reason and have a question -- anonymous commenting is on, so no worries there!
A lot of the fandoms listed below will be tv shows that are airing or have aired; movies that are mostly older and celebrity rpf/s of the combination of tv and movies (ie: pairings of two celebs from either a movie or tv show). If the show or movie or celeb pairing doesn't link to anything, it means I don't have any particulars on it and would mostly be fine with anything! And lastly, if there is a show that is a movie and a movie that is a show -- look at where I put it. Odds are, I'd prefer it in the category it was put in. (Unless it's Power Rangers -- that's a special one). Actually lastly, if there's a tv show that is a book series, I'd prefer the tv version but if a movie is a book series, I'd prefer the book version with snippets of the movie included. Everything is under a cut, except for the links!


TV Shows
Click the Fandom to find out the favorite and least favorite ships, characters, and tropes.

24 | Are You Afraid of the Dark? | Bones | Boy Meets World | Cold Case | Criminal Minds | CSI | Degrassi: The Next Generation | Drop Dead Diva | Falling Skies | The Flash | Forever | Friends | Full House | Girl Meets World | Glee | Gotham | Greys Anatomy | Happyland | Haven | Heroes | How To Get Away With Murder | Jane The Virgin | Kim Possible | Life With Derek | Lost | My So-Called Life | The Mysteries of Laura | NCIS | Once Upon a Time and In Wonderland | One Tree Hill | Orange is the New Black | Phineas and Ferb | Popular | Power Rangers | Red Band Society | Recess | Roseanne | Sabrina the Teenage Witch | The Secret Life of the American Teenager | Selfie | Sonny with a Chance | Stalker | Supernatural | Switched at Birth | Teen Wolf | The Vampire Diaries | The Walking Dead | Wizards of Waverly Place | WWE Raw and Smackdown |


Click the movie to find out the favorite and least favorite ships, characters and tropes.
10 Things I Hate About You | Across the Universe | Anastasia | The Avengers | The Babysitters Club | Because I Said So | Clueless | The Day After Tomorrow | The Family Stone | Final Destination | Freddy Krueger Series (Original) | Halloweentown Series | Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters | Harry Potter | His Dark Materials | Inkheart | Insidious Series | Jurassic Park | Lord of the Rings | Love Actually | The Mighty Ducks | The Mummy Series | Nightmare on Elm Street Series | The Outsiders | Percy Jackson | Pirates of the Caribbean | Power Rangers | Practical Magic | The Princess Bride | Scream Trilogy | Sharknado | She's The Man | Sky High | Speed Racer | Spy Kids Series | Star Wars | Stick It | Surfs Up | Titanic | Toy Story Series | Twister | Zenon Series |

Celebrity RPF(S)

Chris Evans/Rachel McAdams | Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson | David Arquette/Courtney Cox | David Henrie/Selena Gomez | Ian Somerhalder/Nina Dobrev | Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki | Justin Theroux/Jennifer Anniston | Norman Reedus/Emily Kinney | Paul Levesque/Stephanie McMahon | Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins | Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams | Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart | Tori Bellechi/Kari Byron | Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O'Brien |

Ships: Chase Edmunds/Kim Bauer


Ships: Booth/Brennan, Hodgins/Angela, Sweets/Daisy.
BrOTPS: Sweets+Booth, Sweets+Brennan, Sweets+Brennan+Booth, Zack+Brennan, Hodgins+Zack, Hodgins+Zack+Vincent, Angela+Brennan.
NOTPS: Booth/Sweets, Booth/Angela, Booth/Cam, Cam/Arastoo, Zack/Brennan

Cold Case

Ships: Scotty/Lily
Tropes: High school AU's, early-season AU's, Hurt Lily and Scotty realizing his feelings.

Criminal Minds

Ships: Derek/Reid, Hotchner/Prentiss, Will/JJ, JJ/Prentiss.
BrOTPS: Derek+Penelope, Any variation of JJ+Prentiss+Penelope+Reid, Will+Derek
NOTPS: Derek/Penelope, Reid/Prentiss, Reid/JJ
Tropes: Extremely hurt Reid, bottom!Reid, Intelligent Reid showing itself.


Ships: Nick/Sara, Warrick/Catharine, Grissom/Catharine, Ecklie/Catharine
BrOTPS: Variations of Nick+Greg+Warrick, Sara+Catharine
NOTPS: Grissom/Sara, Greg/Sara, Nick/Greg. For this fandom, I really don't like slash.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Ships: Jay Hogart/Emma Nelson, Jake Martin/Claire Edwards, Sav Bandari/Holly J. Sinclaire, Spinner/Emma, Sean Cameron/Ellie Nash, Spinner/Jane
NOTPS: Sean Cameron/Emma Nelson, Eli Goldsworthy/Claire Edwards

Falling Skies

Tropes: Awesome older brother Hal to little brother Matt, hurt Matt, badass Matt.
Note: I'm not huge on the ships in the show. If there's a little ships in fic, that's fine, but I'd prefer them not to be a huge focus on anything.
Second Note: I have yet to watch the fourth season to the end. I've only watched the first...four episodes. So, don't spoiler me, yeah?

The Flash

Ships: Barry/Caitlin
NOTPS: Barry/Iris
Tropes: Barry freeing his dad, Barry realizing Iris isn't exactly good for him


Ships: Puck/Rachel, Sam/Quinn, Santana/Brittany
BrOTPS: Variations of Puck+Sam+Blaine, Variations of Rachel+Brittany+Santana+Quinn
NOTPS: Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, Puck/Santana, Rachel/Quinn, Jesse/Rachel
Tropes: Puck going with Rachel to New York after High School and surprising everyone~; Brittany becoming best friends with Rachel in high school and creating a change; Brittany being smarter than everyone thinks and showing it to Rachel; Brittany being all Puckleberry 2.0; Rachel realizing how bad Finn is for her.


NOTPS: Jim/Barbara
Tropes: Jim and Bruce having a father/son bond; Jim pretty much has a fatherly bond with all of the kids;

Grey's Anatomy

Ships: Mark Sloan/Meredith Grey, Alex Karev/Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev/Meredith Grey, Jackson Avery/April Kepner, Preston Burke/Cristina Yang, Mark Sloan/Lexi Grey, George O'Malley/Izzie Stevens
BrOTPS: Mark+Alex, Meredith+Cristina, Meredith+Amelia, Variations of Meredith+Izzie+Cristina+Callie+Addison+Bailey
NOTPS: Meredith/Derek, Meredith/George, Alex/Ava, Izzie/Denny
Tropes: Meredith choosing Mark over Derek in season three; Meredith knowing Mark before Derek; Meredith having married/dated/slept with Mark; Jackson and April during the honeymoon phase; Jackson and April after learning about their baby; Cristina and Meredith visiting one another once Cristina moves away; Amelia liking Meredith more than Derek; Amelia and Meredith being best friends


Ships: Ian/Lucy, Will/Harper
BrOTPS: Harper+Lucy, Will+Lucy
NOTPS: Ian/Harper, Ian/Will, Will/Lucy


Ships: Nathan/Peter
BrOTPS: Peter+Claire, Peter+Everyone
NOTPS: Claire/Anyone, Noah/Anyone

Life With Derek

Ships: Derek/Casey, Edwin/Lizzie, George/Nora, Sam/Emily
BrOTPS: Casey+Marti, Casey+George, Casey+Sally
NOTPS: Sam/Casey, Max/Casey, Truman/Casey, Derek/Emily, Derek/Sally
Tropes: Dating secretly throughout high schoo, begin dating after 'vacation with derek', begin dating in college, friends in college set them up not knowing they're step-sibilings.


Ships: Sawyer/Kate
NOTPS: Jack/Kate, Sawyer/Juliette

My So-Called Life

Ships: Jordan/Angela
NOTPS: Bryan/Angela, Jordan/Rayanne
Tropes: Start where the season/show ended.


Ships: Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby

Once Upon a Time + Once Upon a Time In Wonderland

Ships: Captain Hook/Emma Swan, Will/Alice, Kristoff/Elsa, Prince Charming/Snow White, Robin Hood/Regina.
BrOTPS: Variations of Charming+Hook+Will+Henry, Variations of Regina+Snow+Emma+Red+Belle.
NOTPS: Neal/Emma, Graham/Emma, August/Emma, Will/Anastasia, Cyrus/Alice, Rumplestiltskin/Belle.
Tropes: Hook knowing Emma before she breaks the spell, Alice realizing she loves Will and not Cyrus.

One Tree Hill

Ships: Lucas/Brooke, Nathan/Haley, Jake/Peyton, Keith/Karen
BrOTP: Lucas+Nathan+Jake
NOTPS: Lucas/Peyton, Julian/Brooke
Tropes: Lucas+Keith father/son bonding, Keith staying alive, Lucas always choosing Brooke


Ships: Harrison/Brooke, Sam/Josh, Sugar Daddy/Merry Cherry, Mike/Jane, Harrison/Nicole
BrOTPS: Josh+Harrison+Sugar Daddy, Brooke+Sam, Lily+Carmen
NOTPS: Harrison/Sam, Josh/Brooke, Josh/Carmen, Josh/Lily,

Power Rangers

Ships: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, Zack/Trini, Connor/Kira
BrOTPS: Kim+Trini, Tommy+Jason+Zack+Billy
NOTPS: Tommy/Kat, Jason/Kim, Billy/Trini, Trent/Kira, Tommy/Hayley
Tropes: Tommy learns that Kim didn't write the letter (maybe Kim received her own letter); Tommy and Kim meet up again during or after Dino Thunder; Anything, essentially, where Kim didn't write the letter or wrote it for a really good reason (Tommy's safety, Her safety, Combined Safety, Kim was really hurt); Jason and Trini try and get them back together;
Disliked Tropes: Anything where Trini is dead, yes?

Red Band Society

Ships: Leo/Emma, Dash/Kara, Jack McAndrew/Nurse Dobler
BrOTPS: Leo+Dash, Leo+Kara, Jack McAndrew+Nurse Dobler+Nurse Jackson
NOTPS: Leo/Kara, Jordi/Emma


Ships: TJ/Spinelli, Vincent/Gretchen, Gus/Mikey
NOTPS: TJ/Ashley
Tropes: The gang in high school.


Ships: Dan/Roseanne, Mark/Darlene, David/Darlene, David/Becky
BrOTPS: Dan+David+Mark
NOTPS: Mark/Becky
Tropes: Dan doesn't die, Mark and Darlene realize their feelings early, Darlene dates David before realizing she likes Mark (and vice versa with David/Becky)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Ships: Harvey/Sabrina, Willard Kraft/Zelda Spellman, Miles/Roxie, Josh/Roxie, Josh/Morgan
NOTPS: Josh/Sabrina

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ships: Ricky/Amy, Ben/Grace, Ben/Adrian.
BrOTPS: Amy+Grace+Adrian
NOTPS: Ben/Amy

Sonny with a Chance

Ships: Chad/Sonny, Nico/Tawny,
BrOTPS: Sonny+Nico, Sonny+Tawny, Nico+Grady


Ships: Dean/Sam, John/Mary, Bobby/Jody, Bobby/Ellen Harvelle
BrOTPS: Dean+S3 Ruby, Sam+S3 Ruby, Dean+Bela, Sam+Bela, Sam+Gabriel, Sam+Crowley, Sam+Chuck, Sam+Ava, Sam+Max, Sam+Andy, Basically Sam+Anyone as friends because everyone hates him apparently >.>
NOTPS: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby, Sam/Amelia, Dean/Benny, Dean/John/Sam
Note: I don't like Castiel. In fact, I pretty much hate him. If you include him in anything, it better be because he's evil and gets what he deserves or because he's getting what he deserves.
Tropes: Top Dean/Bottom Sam, Alpha/Beta/Omegas, Knotting, Alpha Dean, Beta/Omega Sam; Hurt Sam; Amulet fix-it fic, Voicemail fix-it fic, pretty much fix-it fic of anything where people blame Sam or Sam was hurt; Asshole John, people being mean to Sam, Sam being raised by Azazel or someone different, Sam wishing he was never born, Sam dying after the trials, Anything Sam-centric really, body-switches
Disliked Tropes: Cross-dressing, Gender changes, Threesomes, Moresomes, Abusive Dean or Abusive Sam;

Switched at Birth

Ships: Angelo/Bay, Toby/Daphne
NOTPS: Pretty much everything not listed above xD
Tropes: Pregnant Bay :)

Teen Wolf

Ships: Stiles/Derek, Peter/Chris, Scott/Allison, Isaac/Allison, Scott/Alison/Isaac, Scot/Isaac, Sheriff/Melissa McCall, Jackson/Scott, Jackson/Danny, Jackson/Lydia, Aiden/Lydia, Ethan/Danny, Boyd/Erica, Isaac/Erica, Parrish/Lydia
BrOTPS: Stiles+Allison, Stiles+Lydia, Stiles+Scott, Stiles+Boyd, Stiles+Erica, Jackson+Stiles, Danny+Stiles, Stiles+Everyone
NOTPS: Derek/Kate, Derek/Braeden, Derek/Scott, Derek/Anyone that isn't Stiles; Stiles/Malia, Stiles/Lydia, Stiles/Jackson, Stiles/Scott, Stiles/Danny, Stiles/Parrish, Stiles/Anyone that isn't Derek.
Tropes: Werewolf!Stiles, Were!Animal Stiles, Stiles speaking in Polish, Stiles' family being magic, Stiles being badass with Allison, People taking Stiles for granted and Stiles getting sick of it, Top/Alpha Derek, Bottom Stiles, Asshole Scott, Allison realizing how Scott treats Stiles, Stiles and Erica knowing each other when they were younger due to hospital visits, awesome Sheriff and sometimes Asshole Sheriff, Alive!Hales, Season 2/3 AU's, Travel back in time, Derek meeting Stiles when they were younger, MPREG (bottom stiles, yes)

The Vampire Diaries

Ships: Damon/Elena, Tyler/Caroline, Klaus/Caroline, Stefan/Caroline, Stefan/Bonnie, Jeremy/Bonny, Jeremy/Tyler, Alaric/Jenna
BrOTPS: Damon+Bonnie, Tyler+Elena+Jeremy+Caroline
NOTPS: Stefan/Elena, Klaus/Elena, Damon/Bonnie

The Walking Dead

Ships: Daryl/Beth, Glenn/Maggie
NOTPS: Daryl/Carol
Disliked Tropes: AU's

Wizards of Waverly Place

Ships: Justin/Alex, Zeke/Harper
BrOTPS: Dean+Alex, Alex+Max
NOTPS: Justin/Juliette, Alex/Anyone
Tropes: Hiding it, being found out, outside point of views

Across the Universe

Ships: Max/Jude, JoJo/Sadie
NOTPS: Max/Lucy, Jude/Lucy, Jude/Prudence, Jude/JoJo, Max/Prudence, Max/Jojo


Ships: Dimitri/Anastasia
Tropes: Alive Romanoff Family after the movie

The Avengers

Ships: Captain America/Thor, Clint/Natash, Bruce/Tony, Tony/Pepper
Notps: Captain/Tony, Captain/Bucky, Tony/Thor
Tropes: Captain can pull out Thor's hammer

Because I Said So

Ships: Johnny/Milly
Tropes: Life after the movie Ends


Ships: Josh/Cher, Murray/Dion, Travis/Tai
Tropes: Josh and Cher break up and then find a way back together, Mel's thoughts on the couple, Josh and Cher through the ages

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Ships: Hansel/Gretel
BrOTPS: Edward+Ben+Hansel+Gretel
NOTPS: Hansel/Mina, Ben/Gretel
Tropes: Hansel's reaction to finding out Gretel was hurt by those asshole men, generally hurt Gretel and worried Hansel, continuation of where the first movie left off and possible scenarios for the second movie, ben finding out about them, ben's pov, anything really

Harry Potter

Ships: Harry/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Ron/Lavender, Neville/Ginny, Ginny/Draco, Remus/Tonks, James/Lily.
BrOTPS: Sirius/Harry father-son bond, Fred+George+Harry, Neville+Harry, Hermione+Luna, James+Sirius+Lily, Remus+Lily
NOTPS: Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Anyone, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Any other Female, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione, Any Male/Hermione, Snape/Lily, Snape/Anyone
Tropes: Book 3-5 Alternate Universe/Realities, Sirius raises Harry, Anything Sirius and Harry bonding time, Evil Dumbledore/Molly/Snape, Characters reading the books, Time-travel, More Intelligent Harry, Sometimes-evil Ron, Sometimes-evil Ginny, Bad-ass Neville, Close friends with the twins, a Harry that pranks.

His Dark Materials

Ships: Given ships in the novels
Tropes: Happy-family, different realities, heavy on the daemons


Ships: Dustfinger/Maggie
Tropes: Closely bonded D/M, Protective Mo, Awesome-dad Mo,

Insidious Series

Ships: Given ships in the film
Tropes: Continue on from the second movie, More addition of evil spirits, more addition of the paranormal investigators, just more in general

Jurassic Park

Ships: Alan/Ellie, Alan/Ian
BrOTPS: Alan+Ian, Tim+Lex,
Tropes: Tim and Lex being the same age, Tim and Lex being protective of one another, The gang from all movies getting stuck on the islands again, bumping into one another accidentally

Lord of the Rings

BrOTPS: Frodo+Sam+Merry+Pippin, Frodo+Aragorn [fatherson or slash], Frodo+Aragorn+Legolas, Aragorn+Legolas, Pretty much the ones you see in the movies, to be honest.
Tropes: Persuaded-by-the-ring Brormir, Protective Aragorn and Legolas.

Love Actually

Ships: Mark/Juliette
Tropes: Everyone realizing their connected somehow

The Mighty Ducks

BrOTPS: Gordon+Charlie father/son bonding
Tropes: College AU, Re-do the third movie, edited scenes.

The Mummy Series

Ships: Ships given to us in the series
Tropes: Bad-ass Rick, constant adventures.

The Outsiders

BrOTPS: Ponyboy+Dallas, Ponyboy+Sodapop, Ponyboy+Johnny
Tropes: Ponyboy dies at the end of the books with everyone's reactions, Protective brothers but really protective Dallas, best friends Ponyboy/Dallas.

Percy Jackson

NOTPS: Any ship, to be fair.
Tropes: Awesome father Poseidon, Poseidon/Percy father-son bonding

Power Rangers

Ships: Tommy/Kim, Jason/Trini, Zack/Trini, Connor/Kira
BrOTPS: Kim+Trini, Tommy+Jason+Zack+Billy
NOTPS: Tommy/Kat, Jason/Kim, Billy/Trini, Trent/Kira, Tommy/Hayley
Tropes: Tommy learns that Kim didn't write the letter (maybe Kim received her own letter); Tommy and Kim meet up again during or after Dino Thunder; Anything, essentially, where Kim didn't write the letter or wrote it for a really good reason (Tommy's safety, Her safety, Combined Safety, Kim was really hurt); Jason and Trini try and get them back together;
Disliked Tropes: Anything where Trini is dead, yes?


Ships: Fin/Nova
NOTPS: Fin/April, Anyone/Nova
Tropes: Nova never died, Fin doesn't go back to his wife, Nova doesn't go with Fin's son. [forever bitteeeerrrr]

Sky High

Ships: Will Stronghold/Warren Peace, Speed/Lash, Zack/Larry/Magenta
BrOTPS: Will+Layla, Warren+Layla, Warren+Zack
NOTPS: Warren/Layla, Will/Layla
Tropes: Warren's dad escapes prison to come after Will [to hurt Warren or as revenge on Wil's dad or something]; Hurt Will; Angry make-up sex. Top Warren.

Speed Racer

Ships: Speed/Racer X [Rex]
NOTPS: Speed/Anyone, Racer X [Rex]/Anyone
Tropes: Speed realizes RX lied to him, Speed confronts him, after Rex's death, speed turns dangerous on the track, maybe follows in Rex's footsteps.

Star Wars

Ships: Anakin/Padme, Luke/Leia
BrOTPS: Anakin+Obi Wan+Luke, Luke+Han
Tropes: Anakin and Company get sent to the future to change Anakin's present turning into Darth Vader, Luke and Company get sent to the past to change Anakin's present turning into Darth Vader, Luke and Leia being close, even if it's just as siblings; Anakin never turning completely; Padme not dying; Anakin atoneing for the things he did; Padme coming back to life.


Ships: Jack/Rose
Tropes: Jack not dying, Jack faking his death a la Great Gatsby [thank you tumblr aha], Jack coming back from the death.

Zenon Series

Ships: ProtoZoa/Zenon

*Please note, the first name in the pairing is who I prefer to be a top in regards to M/M ships*

Chris Evans and Rachel McAdams
Tropes: Chris and Rachel dating and marrying in secret, everyone trying to figure out who Chris is dating, Chris making jabs at Ryan Gosling for the fun of it, romancy-schmoopy-goodness.

Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson

Tropes: Reunions after HP ended, explanations of their behaviour during the filming of HP films,

David Arquette and Courtney Cox

Tropes: They don't get divorced or re-married to other people >.>

David Henrie and Selena Gomez

Tropes: Selena falling for David instead of Justin, the two of them exploring their feelings on set, two of them sneaking around on set, adorableness.Being cute on social media.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev

Tropes: Never breaking up, breaking up but then getting back together and telling no one, being trolls when letting people think Ian is dating Nikki, Ian realizing he's really hurt Nina by dating Nikki, pregnant Nina after the breakup, hurt Nina, reconcilliating years later

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

Tropes: Similar to the Supernatural tropes list -- hurt jared, bottom jared, mpreg jared, asshole ex-boyfriends alpha jensen/beta+omega jared, knotting, being in actual relationship during the show, wives and kids are beards [if you can write this, props], au's, semi-au's, meet elsewhere but still actors, a whole bunch to be honest. Dom Jensen/Sub jared. Jared thinking he's being cheated on but he's not
Disliked Tropes: Watersports. Extreme kinks, Infidelity, dub/non-con with one another.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Anniston

Tropes: Being happy together no matter what the magazines say, Justin making jibes at Brad, Jennifer being truly happy, shocking pregnancy surprise

Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney

Tropes: Keeping relationship a secret from fans and work [at first from work], having to deal with being apart more often than not, admitting to the fans they're together, reaction fic to Emily saying Norman wears you out.

Paul Levesque [Triple H] and Stephanie McMahon

Tropes: Their relationship through the years, Stephanie not taking any of Chyna's bullshit, happy couples

Roman Reigns and Seth Rolins

Tropes: Roman and Seth dealing with Seth's 'selling out' storyline, Roman and Seth first becoming a couple, Roman and Seth happiness

Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O'Brien

Tropes: Semi AU's, hurt Dylan, Dom/Alpha Tyler and Sub/Beta Dylan, Relationship during filming, relationship having to be hidden and their thoughts -- crossing over with J2, possibly. Like J2, a whole bunch.
Disliked Tropes: Infidelity, watersports, extreme kinks, dub/non con with one another.


[Click for Favorite Things]Animals: Cats, Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Fresh-Water Fish, Lions, Lemurs, Sharks, Tigers, Turtles, Zebras.

Celebrities: Aaron Goodwin, Adam Sandler, Amanda Seyfried, Ashton Kutcher, Ben Afflec, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Claire Danes, Crystal Reed, Daniel Radcliffe, Debbie Constantino, Drew Barrymore, Dylan O'Brien, Elijah Wood, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Freddie Prinze-Jr., Gary Oldman, Grant Wilson, Heath Ledger, Jared Padalecki, Jason Hawes, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love-Hewett, Jensen Ackles, Julia Stiles, Justin Theroux, Justin Timberlake, Kate Hudson, Lindsay Lohan, Luke Wilson, Mark Constantino, Mark Sheppard, Matthew McConaughey, Mila Kunis, Nick Groff, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., Robin Williams, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johannsen, Sean Penn, Tyler Hoechlin, Vince Vaughn, Zak Bagans.

Clothes/Jewlerry: Flanel, hoodies, kabbalah strings, overalls, plaid, pyjamas in general, pyjamas with pockets, rings, scarves, sweatpants with pockets, trackpants with pockets,

Colors: Blues, Pastel Pinks and Greens, Browns, Black

Foods and Drinks: Baileys, Chicken, Chocolate, Chocolate Milk, Ice Cream with Chunks of Chocolate or Candy in it, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Pasta, Pears, Pepsi, Ribs, Rum, Steaks, Strawberries, Whiskey

Miscellaneous Items: Agendas/Organizers, Astrology, Astronomy, Baking, Balloons, Blankets, Blanket/Pillow Forts, Books, Calendars, Cameras (Especially older ones), Cooking, Cork Boards, Criminology, Cuddling, EOS Lip Balm, Greek Mythology, iPhones, Laptops, Mechanical Pencils, Mythology, Notebooks, Organizations, Pens, Pillows, Psychology, Rain, Rocking Chairs, Sharpie Related Utensils, Sticky Notes, Thunderstorms, White Boards/Dry Erase Boards, Writing Related,

Paranormal Related: Any haunted place, demons and demonology, ghosts, ghost adventures, ghost hunters, paranormal turned cute (ie things like casper), poltergeists, etc etc.

Places: Amazing looking bedrooms, Canada, Greece, Huge Libraries, Ireland, Italy in generall, Oceans, Pisa, Rome, Vatican, Venice.

Sports/Teams: Baseball (Toronto Blue Jays), Fishing, Hockey (Montreal Canadiens), Rowing, Soccer.
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