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Hey There, Yuletide Writer!

Before I begin with the actual letter writing, I'd just like to thank you profusely for whatever it is you end up writing me. I know it's not easy to come up with a prompt and write it, so congratulations on beginning and finishing and thank you. And if you couldn't finish for some reason, that's perfectly okay too, and I understand that life gets in the way! Thank you, at least, for trying, in that case.

Last but not least, yuletide writer, everything listed below is a suggestion. I don't expect anything and everything to be included -- it's all up to you and what you feel. I'll be happy and fine with anything :)

General Likes and Dislikes || Mythbusters RPF || Once Upon a Time in Wonderland || Jurassic Park || Insidious Movies || Gotham TV || Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

General Likes and Dislikes

LIKES - Adventure, alternate realities/universes, angst, characters bonding together like awesome, college au's, father-son relationships, fixing relationships between two characters, humor, jealousy when the other is being flirted with, mystery, people thinking their significant other is cheating on them when in reality, they're cooking up a surprise, porn, protectiveness in a relationship, relationships being found out about if famous or legally/morally wrong, romance, sneaking around if famous or legally/morally wrong,

DISLIKES - chubby kink, death fic without a happy ending, extremely dark fic, extreme kinks, extreme porn, infidelity, rape between characters in a relationship, roleplay, threesomes and moresomes, watersports,

Mythbusters RPF

Anything involving the group hanging out after Tory and Kari have left the show; A reunion where everyone does one last episode of the show; A prequel - how did everyone meet, hit it off, work with one another?; Some kind of social media shenanigans with people freaking out -- maybe a wedding or something? Something that explains why Grant isn't a character option (cracky is a go for this one -- go wild) Preferably a Tory/Kari pairing or no pairings at all for any of these prompts.

  • These are all ideas that you can use or not use. Maybe they'll give you another idea, I don't know.

  • I like to think that Tory and Kari had an instant chemistry/bond/attraction. If it's as friends or as something more, that's awesome either way.

  • You can definitely include Grant if you want to. Same with Jamie.

  • Anything in this fandom will generally make me happy, to be honest.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Somehow, the lyric "and i need you more than ever" is said by Alice; An AU where Alice never escaped in the first episode; include the lyrics "together we've built a wall' in regards to alice/cyrus or ana/will; wonderland is the real world and the real world is wonderland. I'd prefer Will/Alice as a main pairing with little to no mention of the other pairings (unless you do the third request) or general if you don't like W/A.

  • If you have a better idea, you can use it! These are just prompts

  • Same thing with pairings. While I prefer Will/Alice, if they make you uncomfortable, you don't have to write them

  • I do love the friendship of Will/Alice, so even if writing them in a romance makes you uncomfortable, it'd be awesome if you wrote them as friends

  • General stories are amazing, to be honest.

  • I have nothing else to say. Anything in this fandom will generally make me happy!

Jurassic Park

Yearly reunion that no one outside really knows about as one big family; somehow they all get stuck on the first island again and things are worse somehow; post-traumatic stress disorder is experienced and therapy is held; In college, the siblings bump into Alan or Ian or both and reunite; Dinosaurs are in town, oh no!; They were stuck on the first island much longer than in the movies; Alan and the Kids were on the second island with Ian somehow; The aftermath and dealing with their island visit (or visits, if you want to combine this with the kids and Alan being on the second island!); Gen, het or slash is fine. I'm not picky.

  • You can include any of the characters in any of the film, I'm not picky about that

  • The things above are just prompts. If you want to write something else, go for it!

  • No explicit sex, please?

  • I'd love to see a lot of Dinosaur action -- preferably Tyrannosaurus.

  • You can combine any of the prompts if you want.

  • Anything will generally make me happy

Insidious Movies

Going onto the third film, where everyone is and stuff; Elise having a larger role in the first film; Films from the various point of views; A big surprise change from the movies; The Demon's point of view; the demon makes a return in the third (i s'pose this could go with the first prompt); the demon has a bigger role in the second film.

  • Prompts are just prompts, you can do whatever.

  • You can definitely include more characters if you want to

  • I'd prefer more of a focus on the paranormal and familial aspect instead of romance/porn

  • Try and scare me all you want! I'm a paranormal investigator in my spare time, so I'm up for the scares

  • I'm a paranormal investigator in my spare time, folks -- if you don't know much about the movie and the paranormal aspects, please research!

  • Other than that, everything and anything will make me happy

Gotham TV

Jim being an awesome father-figure to the kids; Kids flocking to the adults; How everyone bonds together; Future fic where Bruce thinks of Jim as a second-dad and asks for his help with things; Essentially any kind of future fic where the kids love Jim and think of him as a dad; Jim finding the Wayne's murderer; Literally, anything that has Jim bonding with the kids, Bruce especially.

  • You can include other characters, but I'm not a huge fan of Jada's character.

  • The prompts above don't have to be the main focus, since they're very vague

  • I'm not a fan of Jim/Barbara, if you include ships

  • I'm also not into slash in this fandom, just in case

  • I especially love Penguine and The Riddler, so if you include them or mention them, I'll be happy

  • Generally anything will make me happy, here

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Continuation of the movie, what happens next, where do they go?; People always assuming they know the truth about the duo; Hansel trying to convince Gretel she won't change with the wand; "You can go your own way"; Edward's thoughts on the duo; Missing scene of the movie -- Hansel learns what the men tried to do with Gretel. If you include Ben, that's perfectly fine. Preferably general with no pairings OR, if you're fine with it, Hansel/Gretel with unrequited Ben/Gretel on Ben's side (once again, if you use Ben).

  • Like I said in my optional details, if you're okay with Hansel/Gretel pairing, go for it. It can be explicit or non, I don't mind either

  • I love protective Edward when it comes to Gretel

  • I also love protective Hansel when it comes to Gretel

  • Ben's a cutie -- his crush on Gretel is also adorable, but I'd prefer it to be one-sided

  • Little mention of Mina, please

  • I love gruesome and gory, so go for it if you include actual witch hunting

  • Anything will make me happy!

Once again, thank you so much for writing me something, yuletide author. If you have any questions, anonymous commenting is allowed. [Though, I don't know if you're allowed to comment in general...]
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